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Stop the Summer Slide

Summer’s upon us, and so is the "Summer Slide" – the loss in academic skills students experience when they do not engage in learning opportunities over the summer. Don’t let your child fall behind.


Website of the Week - Go Wild

The World Wildlife Federation's Go Wild website is a great place to find online and offline activities that can help elementary school students learn about a variety of animals and ecosystems. The site is arranged into six sections; Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, Polar, and Oceans. Each section includes online games and quizzes about animals. Each section also includes a hands-on activity like creating a shoe box safari.

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Colossal Cabbages!

Colossal Cabbages!

We're nuts about macadamias!


Biography Book Reports

Class of 2013-2014

Mr. Borgeson's Educational Technology Boards

I am happy to share ideas about educational technology with teachers and parents. I will update the content regularly so check back often to find and learn about new ideas.

Scoop.it - Technology in Education

Learnist - Educational Technology 

Pinterest - Educational Technology

Listly - Educational Technology 

Mr. Borgeson's Published Articles

The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Come back often to learn about what other scientists and engineers do at the jobs and in their regular lives.

(videos change weekly)

Kensuke's Kingdom Island Maps

2014-2015 TVUSD Calendar

2014-2015 TVUSD Calendar

Eagle Cams

Did you know you can watch bald eagles live on their nest? Here are a few web cams to visit and watch the eagles as they lay eggs, hatch their eggs, feed their eaglets, and teach them to fly!


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Mr. Borgeson's Class 2013-2014

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Multiplication Practice with Flash Cards

Ashley says "I used these flash cards and that is how I passed my sixes!"

Math Fact Practice Games

Common Core Collection

Do you need some extra practice to help you reach a clear understanding of these standards? Please check out these activities that Mr. Borgeson has organized to help you get the practice you need. 



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Parenting Resolutions from Mr. Borgeson

  • do less for your child, emphasize choices with consequences
  • limit screen time to one hour on school nights
  • NO violent video games of any kind
  • read aloud to your child daily (almost every day is not bad)
  • model good eating, sleeeping, and exercise habits
  • lead with your ears not your mouth
  • play more, sit less
  • give yourself some slack, you're new at this

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Parents are responsible for their child's safe use of the internet.

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