Attendance / Absences / Tardiness

Regular attendance is an important indicator of school success. We respect the importance of quality instructional time. Students should be on time and ready to learn.  Promptness to class is extremely important.
If your child must be absent, please call the absence line by 9:00 am (each day that your child is absent) at 695-4265. For your convenience, this phone is operational 24 hours a day, therefore, you may even report the absence the evening before.

1.      Name of student.
2.      Spell the student’s last name.
3.      Student’s teacher and room.
4.      Date of absence.
5.      Reason for absence.
6.      A phone number where you can be reached,  if there are any questions.

What do I do if my child is going to be late for school?
The student must report to the front office and get a late pass before going to his or her classroom.

How do I check my student out early?
Report to the front office.  You must sign them out and we will call your child up.  Be prepared to show I.D.  Please do not call and ask us to have your student waiting in the office for you.