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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the Husky Valet Program?

The Valet Program is a convenient student drop-off program that operates each morning in the front traffic loop. The Husky Valet Team consists of 4th and 5th grade students, parent volunteers, and staff members committed to the safety and well-being of VHES families. The goal of the program is to reduce traffic congestion, and promote safety, while modeling kindness, courtesy and cooperation.

How does the Husky Valet work?

The front traffic loop is divided into two lanes, sectioned by orange safety cones. Vehicles entering the loop from Camino Romo will enter either the right lane (closet to the curb) or the left lane. The right lane is designated “valet” only. The left lane is the “drive-thru” lane and may not be used for student drop off. This lane is only used for entering our visitor parking area or exiting the loop. Once in the valet lane, a member of the team signals the vehicles to stop at the “Prepare to Exit” area. Then, 10 vehicles at a time are sent to an assigned numbered station (1 through 10). When cars arrive at the station, a student valet team member greets the vehicle. Team members open doors, assist children with belongings, and close the vehicle door. Once all students have safely exited the vehicles, cars (as a group) are dismissed to exit the loop. All cars must turn right from the loop onto Camino Romo. When all 10 cars have left the valet system, the next group of 10 cars is sent.

When does the valet service operate?

Our Husky Valet service operates every Monday through Friday morning. Our team is On-the-Job and ready to assist you by 8:40 a.m. The Valet Team finishes at approximately 8:55 in the morning.

What should I do to help the valet program run quickly, smoothly, and safely?

Your cooperation is key to keeping our Valet Program operating at its best! We encourage everyone to leave for school in plenty of time to avoid a hectic and stressful morning. When dropping off students, please have all backpacks, lunch money, and school projects stored in the passenger compartment of your vehicle and never in the trunk. Say your “goodbyes” and make after school plans with your child before you pull up to your assigned number station for unloading. Please follow all directives from our valet team.

For the safety of all of our students, please drive slowly, and do not use your cell phone while moving through our valet system. Always make eye contact with our volunteers and pull close to the curb. Please be patient, prepared and pleasant!

Does Husky Valet operate on rainy days?

Yes! Our volunteers and staff members are out in the parking lot regardless of the weather. The valet system can get overloaded on these days, so please allow extra time for drop-off. Please be as courteous and patient as possible. Remember that the volunteers are braving the elements so that you and your child stay as dry and comfortable as possible.

If I need to park my car, where can I do that when the valet program is in operation?

The front lot is always available for parking. While our Valet Service is operating, the loop provides a left lane that must be followed to the visitor parking area. The red curb in front of the school cannot be used for temporary parking between the hours of 8:30- 9:15 and 3:15-3:45. There is street parking on Camino Romo and in the surrounding neighborhoods. When parking your vehicle off school property, please be courteous to our neighbors, assuring that trashcans and mailboxes are not blocked or damaged.

If there isn’t room in my car for my child’s project, can I store them in the trunk when using the valet system?

In order to utilize our valet service, student belongings must be kept readily available with your child in the passenger portion of your vehicle. For safety reasons, students may not step off the curb, and drivers need to stay behind the wheel of their vehicle to expedite the process. Parent volunteers are available to assist when students need additional help exiting the vehicle, but on days where your child has a large project that is unable to be stored in the passenger compartment, please park your car and assist your child outside of our valet system.

How can I best support this program?

Please remember that “It’s ‘Kool’ to be Kind.” Vintage Hills is a school that promotes kindness, respect and responsibility. While this program is a service offered to assist parents and promote safety, it also allows our student volunteers to be empowered with responsibility. Please be good models for our team! Every time that you use the Husky Valet service, you have the power to instill in our students, an attitude of courtesy, cooperation, and kindness!

Can I help with the Husky Valet Program?

Yes! This new program is in need of many parent volunteers. If you can spare an hour or two every other week, please consider being on our team. Call the school office for more information at 951 695-4260.