Classroom Celebrations


Ideas for Healthy Celebrations

Alternatives to Food Items

Typically, foods for school celebrations include cupcakes, candy, cookies and soda. So what’s the harm?  There is nothing wrong with an occasional treat, but unhealthy choices have become the norm rather than the exception. Parties, treats used as classroom rewards, food fundraisers, vending machines, snacks and school stores constantly expose children to highfat, highsugar, lownutrient choices.

We want our Huskies to stay fit and healthy here at VHES.  Therefore, edible treats of any kind for birthday celebrations are no longer allowed on campus.

In lieu of treats, here are some suggestions to help celebrate that special occasion:

  • Donate a Birthday Book to the library
  • Give each student a classroom pencil
  • Play a game (with the teacher’s prior approval)
  • Do an Art Project with the class (with the teacher’s prior approval)
  • Hand out fun stickers

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