School of Fish


FISH! Philosophy Practices 

We invite you to experience the FISH! Philosophy at Vintage Hills Elementary.  These four practices give us a common structure and vocabulary and help us to relate to each other in respectful and caring ways.


1.   Be There means to pay attention, listen, and be respectful.


2.   Choose Your Attitude means to realize that we all have choices in how we react to situations.


3.      Make Their Day refers to acknowledgment, which can range from a simple thank you to a formal award.


4.    Play refers to excitement and enjoyment through learning, having fun, trying new things, and playing in defined ways.



Vintage Hills Elementary School Staff use FISH! to develop:

  • the whole student as an engaged learner
  • safe and playful learning environments
  • personal responsibility and internal motivation for staff and students
  • respect for diversity
  • conflict-resolution skills 
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Let's Practice Fish!

Fish1.jpg FIsh2.jpg Fish3.jpg Fish4.jpg