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Meet the Masters - Volunteer Manual

Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters is a VHES PTA sponsored interactive art program in which the students not only learn about master artists, but also create art inspired by these artists. The students will learn about five artists during the school year. They are introduced to the artist at an assembly, and then rotate through the Meet The Masters art room to create their own piece of art. Parent volunteers are trained to teach the students how to execute the projects with teacher supervision. We provide the students with the highest quality art supplies to complete their art with. Students are introduced to oil pastels, water color crayons, drawing chalk, paints and how to use each tool as an artist. At the end of the school year these pieces of art are brought home for parents to treasure. 


April Artist - Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder Biography

March Artist - Claude Monet

You will also find various video resources in the player at the upper right of this page. Click on the "Monet" tab to see what is available. 

Monet for Kids

Drawing, Painting, & Coloring Tools

  1. Silk - create unique and wonderful art in just seconds
  2. AWW - a web whiteboard
  3. Doodle Art - lots of great doodles to color, including quotations
  4. Sketchfu - draw, paint, and share with others
  5. Sketchpad - make drawings with a wide range of colors
  6. Tux Paint - drawing program for ages 3-12
  7. LiveBrush - a fun and unique way to create graphics
  8. FlockDraw - draw in real time with others
  9. DoInk - free and easy to use, create flash style animations
  10. Psykopaint - paint using a variety of tools
  11. Bonomo - a really cool creative painting tool

Fine Art Resources on the Web

Jacob Lawrence - American Artist

Art Babble

The videos below are from ART BABBLE. There are many more than just these few. A bunch are directed to children which makes this site worth a visit.

Meet the Masters Artists

Leonardo da Vinci

Meet the Masters



  • Meet Me at Midnight - learn about art as you explore a museum at midnight
  • VLMP - virtual library of museums
  • Google Art Project - visual collection of museums around the world
  • SFMOMA - multimedia, interactive features about artists and their art
  • MoOM - Museum of Online Museums

Picasso - Student Impressions

Pablo Picasso


Meet the Masters - Van Gogh taught by Mrs. Dignan

P1110620.JPG P1110621.JPG P1110623.JPG P1110624.JPG P1110627.JPG P1110628.JPG P1110629.JPG P1110630.JPG P1110631.JPG P1110633.JPG P1110634.JPG

Frederic Remington

Vincent van Gogh

Meet the Masters - Van Gogh