3rd Grade

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XTRA Math - Practice Basic Facts


Basic Facts

Dictionary - Math

  1. Math Dictionary - definitions, many with examples and diagrams
  2. Math Dictionary for Kids - a visual dictionary of math terms


  1. Division Help - input your problem, see how it's done
  2. Long Division Video Help
  3. Demolition Division
  4. Division Derby
  5. Division Drag Race
  6. Math Magician
  7. Pony Division
  8. Sum Sense Division  
  9. Apple Baskets Division - Practice division concepts.
  10. Are You a Math Magician - Division practice
  11. Divider Machine - Choose a level.
  12. Division Practice - Find the correct problem to go with the answer.
  13. Draggable Division - Answer the problems by dragging the digits to their correct locations.
  14. Drag Race Division - Multi-player racing game.
  15. Lake Mathatobie Division Math Game - Select from three levels: easy, medium or hard.
  16. Snork's Long Division - Help Snork solve long division math problems.
  17. Sunny Bunny Math Game - Help Sunny eat the right vegetables.  

Donate Rice by Doing Multiplication

Math Facts Introduction

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Fact Test Downloads

The Meaning of a Fraction


  1. Video Fraction Lessons by Conceptua
  2. StudyJams - Fractions
  3. Add and Subtract Fractions with Like Denominators
  4. Comparing Fractions - Compare fractional parts with same denominator.
  5. Comparing Fractions - Compare fractional parts with different denominators.
  6. Crossing the River - Identify the fraction and help the man get across the river.
  7. Dolphin Racing
  8. Equivalent Fractions - Concentration style game of matching fractions.
  9. Equivalent Fractions - Match the fraction to the model.
  10. Equivalent Fraction Game - Use the + and - buttons to make the fraction on the left have the same value as the one on the right.
  11. Fabulous Fractions - Learn the concept of equal parts as related to fractions.
  12. Flowering Fractions
  13. Fraction Action words - Learn the vocabulary of fractions!
  14. Fraction Flags - Design a flag using halves or quarters.
  15. Fraction Flags - Design a flag using thirds.
  16. Fraction Game Tool - Practice your fractions with this game!
  17. Fraction Match - Find the fraction that matches with the correct graph. [concentration style game]
  18. Fraction Monkeys
  19. Fraction Review - When you finish practicing scroll down to find the game.
  20. Fraction Sorter - Interactive practice in ordering fractions.
  21. Fractions II - Fourths


  1. MathsFrame - high quality games for elementary students
  2. ZooWhiz - practice your skills in a very entertaining way
  3. Sumdog - free games to make math fun
  4. Calculation Nation - math strategy games for upper elementary students
  5. Tutpup - play competitive math games online
  6. ABCya! - math games sorted by topic and grade level
  7. SchoolTimeGames - good variety, can be used for whole class
  8. Cool Math - colorful site of math games
  9. Zondle - lots of games to play


  1. Harcourt Math  
  2. Area, Volume Song - fun! 
  3. Area and Perimeter Practice
  4. StudyJams - Geometry
  5. Anglemania - Describe triangles using appropriate geometric vocabulary.
  6. Area Explorer - Find the perimeter of shapes on a grid.
  7. Ask Hannah - Describe symmetry in two-dimensional shapes.
  8. Congruent Concentration - Use a matching board to demonstrate knowledge of congruent figures.
  9. Congruent or Not - Explore the concept on congruency of polygons.
  10. Fence Me In - Find the perimeter of a rectangle.
  11. Geoboard - Interactive on-line geoboard. [scroll down]
  12. Geometry: Parallel, Perpendicular or Intersecting Lines - Multiple choice and T/F questions.
  13. How Many Sides or Angles are in the Polygon? - Interactive practice, after practicing scroll down to the game.
  14. Name that Polygon - Identify name of given polygon components.
  15. Triangle Identification - What type of triangle is it given its angles.
  16. Triangle Identification - What type of triangle is it given its number of sides.
  17. Perimeter Explorer - Students are shown shapes on a grid after setting the area and asked to calculate perimeters of the shapes.
  18. Perimeter Practice - Adam Ant walks the perimeters and teaches how to find the perimeter of an object.
  19. Area & Perimeter Practice - use on white board
  20. Perimeter of a Square - Calculate the perimeter of a square with given dimensions.
  21. Perimeter of a Rectangle - Calculate the perimeter of a square with given dimensions.
  22. Polygon Playground - Arrange designs with online movable polygons - hundreds of polygons to drag anywhere you want.
  23. Shape, Space and Measure: Angles - Drag the correct angle onto the screen.
  24. Shapes in Space - online game
  25. Shapes, Space and Measures: Grid - Park the car at the specified coordinate (coordinate plane activity).
  26. Shape, Space and Measures: Shapes - Drag shapes to the right place.

Graphs and Charts - Data Analysis

  1. Create a Graph
  2. Let's Graph
  3. StudyJams - Graphing
  4. All The Parts - ( 3-5 ) Students learn the parts of a graph.
  5. Bar Graph - Enter data to create a bar graph, then manipulate the graph's maximum and minimum values.
  6. Bar Graph - Catch the critters and make your graph.
  7. Create your own Bar Graph - Using the data given, create your own chart.
  8. Create your own Line Plot - Using the data, create your own chart.
  9. Choosing a Graph - Online quiz with 10 questions. Select the type of graph that best fits the question.
  10. Circle Graph
  11. Data Picking - Students collect data
  12. Grapher - Interactive column graph maker
  13. Graphing Data - Bugs in the System!
  14. Graphing Ordered Pairs - Find the intersection of the coordinates given in this game.
  15. Ordered Pairs Practice
  16. Handling Data - Mode, mean, and median.
  17. Handling Data - Probability
  18. How It All Stacks Up - Interpret and compare information using a bar graph.
  19. Interpret Bar Graphs - Read the graph and answer the questions in this game.
  20. Interpreting Column Graphs - Students practice by answering ten questions about the graph.
  21. Interpreting Data - Survey a small group.
  22. Interpreting Data Quiz
  23. Kids Have Pets - Students learn about the parts of a bar graph and how to collect information.
  24. Kinds Of Graphs



Homework Helper

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Math Challenges for Families

  1. Figure This   

Math Glossary

  1. A very handy glossary with visual examples 
  2. Math Live Glossary - animated glossary for upper elementary concepts
  3. Math Dictionary - definitions and diagrams of math terms

Mini Metric Math Olympics

Copy of P1170078.JPG P1170069.JPG P1170094.JPG P1170098.JPG P1170107.JPG P1170108.JPG P1170109.JPG P1170111.JPG P1170114.JPG P1170116.JPG P1170117.JPG

Measurement Practice

  1. The Ruler Game - practice reading a ruler
  2. Measure It!.
  3. Estimate & Measure with Chef Pierre
  4. StudyJams - Measurement
  5. Add Feet and Inches
  6. Centimeters - To nearest whole number
  7. Centimeters - To half centimeter
  8. Convert Metric and US Lengths
  9. Divide Feet and Inches -
  10. Divide Gallons, Quarts, and Pints Estimator - Practice estimation skills by determining the number of objects, length, or area.
  11. Fish Tales - Measure the fish with the ruler. Sort by size.
  12. Inches - To nearest whole number
  13. Inches - To quarter inch
  14. Measure it - Practice using a ruler - inches and centimeters.
  15. Measurement Game - Click on the measurement that matches the length of the object.
  16. Measurement Equivalents - Match game with standard equivalent measurements, such as pounds, ounces, pints, cups, etc.
  17. Metric Volumes - Practice with various forms of liters  
  18. Area Explorer - Students are shown shapes on a grid after setting the perimeter and asked to calculate areas of the shapes.
  19. Area and Perimeter - Calculate the area or perimeter of the rectangle.

Mental Math


  1. Zwolle - Money, Big List of Activities
  2. Adding Dimes and Pennies - Find the sum of the coins.
  3. Adding Dimes, Nickels and Pennies - Find the sum of the coins.
  4. Cash Out - Make change for your customers.
  5. Change Maker - Figure out how many of each bill or coin that you expect to get back when you pay for something. Four levels and five currency styles are available in this great game.
  6. Count the Money - You're given a target amount and the number of coins you already have. You must determine how many more coins of a certain type are needed to reach the target.
  7. Counting Change - Match the money amounts.

Let's Learn About Math!

Website Helper - Nala

Thanks Dad! (daily practice makes a huge difference)

Thanks Dad! (daily practice makes a huge difference)

Let's Learn Our Multiplication Facts!

Multiplication Magazine (click on image)

Multiplication Fact Practice Worksheets


Online Math Practice Tools

Online Math Tools for White Board Lessons

  1. 8 Online Math Tools & Interactive Teaching Resources
  2. ONLINE CALCULATOR - Try this new online calculator, or check out the original whiteboard sized one below.
  3. BIG ONLINE CALCULATOR - Do you need to teach how to use a calculator to a whole class? - Try this big buttoned, highly visible screen calculator.
  4. ANGLE ACTIVITIES - 20 interactive investigations using a protractor.
  5. VIRTUAL TANGRAM - Explore shapes with our amazing interactive tangram.
  6. 100 / Table square activities:
  7. COUNTER SQUARE - Don't bother with an OHP. Support your Numeracy Hour with this useful tool. Try the "Four in a Row" game!
  8. SCRIBBLE - SQUARE - 100 square that can be drawn on and annotated onscreen..
  9. SCRIBBLE - TABLES SQUARE - Times Table version.
  10. INTERACTIVE NUMBER SQUARE - a teaching tool with 100 uses!
  12. NUMBERLINES - Really useful tool for teaching Number Lines
  13. THE DECIFRACTATOR - Explore decimals and fractions with your class.
  14. SUPER SEQUENCER - practice your number patterns and decimals with this totally MEGA useful program! - Essential for Numeracy Hour at all ages. It can sequence decimals!
  15. MULTI SEQUENCER - explore fractions tables and number relationships with this extended program that can display two changing number sequences at the same time.
  16. NUMBER PATTERN GRIDS - practice number patterns with this useful tool.UPDATED to provide random tests.
  17. NUMBER BOND MACHINES - Practice this vital skill here - to 5, 10, 100 or set your own. Very useful!
  18. GUESS THE NUMBER - the classic estimation and halving activity.
  19. Graphs:
  20. AMBLEGRAPH - Create simple bar charts online. Children can use if for very quick surveys or a teacher can use it to model the construction of a bar graph with a class or group. Most elements are editable.
  21. Time:
  22. ANALOGUE CLOCK - Time Teaching Tool for Teachers! 

Patterns and Sequences

  1. Adventure Sequences
  2. Brenda's Bedroom Border - Complete a pattern.
  3. Christmas Lights - Identify and complete patterns.
  4. Crack the Code - Find the correct pattern of numbers to open the safe.
  5. Crazy Pattern Machine - Pick your level of difficulty and complete the pattern sequence by finding the correct shape, letter or number.
  6. Line Dry Number Pattern Game - Complete different number patterns with differing degrees of difficulty.
  7. Missing Numbers - Find the missing numbers in a sequence.
  8. Number Cracker - Guess what number comes next in the pattern.
  9. Pattern Chopper - Select the range of numbers you want to play and determine which number is next is the sequence.
  10. Sequences - Find the correct number in a sequence.
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Place Value Practice

  1. Gamequarium   
  2. Place Value Practice
  3. StudyJams - Place Value
  4. Expanded Form of Numbers - Online quiz.
  5. Expanded Form of Numbers - Write the numeral the expanded form represents.
  6. Finding Place Values - Find the place value of a particular numeral within a number.
  7. My Place - Learn that the value of a digit is determined by the placement of that digit. (Works best in IE)
  8. Partitioning numbers - Select the number that represents the partitioned numeral
  9. Place Value in Words and Numbers - Type correct numeral to represent the words.
  10. Place Value: Mystery Numbers - Match numeral up to million.
  11. Place Value Games - Up to Thousands, three levels of games.
  12. Place Value Games - Up to 100 Thousands, three levels of games.
  13. Place Value Party - - Choose starting ages and then trade candles until both cakes have the same number.
  14. Place Value Pirates - Find the buried treasure.
  15. Place Value Playoff - Expanded Form of Numbers - Online quiz.

Practice Sites

  1. Study Champs - activities for many math topics
  2. Math Interactive Sites - easy to find activities in all areas
  3. Math Score - organized by grade level and activity
  4. Math Live - animated lessons including activity sheets
  5. Bitesize - math tutorials, games, quizzes
  6. Everyschool - interactive math practice
  7. Practice Math - Divided by Standards
  8. StudyJams
  9. That Quiz
  10. MathLanding - choose activities by topic and grade level
  11. IXL Math  
  12. AAA Math  
  13. Learning Today 
  14. Kid Port
  15. Oswego Math Games  
  16. Math is Fun
  17. Interactive Math Games and Activities  
  18. A+ Math
  19. Math Playground
  20. Johnnie's Math Page - Fun Practice
  21. California Mathematics - Online Activities
  22. Academic Skill Builders
  23. E-Learning for Kids

Probablility Practice

Problem Solving - Story / Word Problems

  1. Study Jams - video and tutorial help
  2. Thinking Blocks - interactive problem solving
  3. The Bananas Problem - A single word problem to solve.
  4. Division Word Problems - Self checking and provides explanations for the answers.
  5. Fraction Word Problem Quiz - Interactive quiz solving word problem with fractions. Designed for 4th grade.
  6. Grand Slam Math - For grades 2-5. An exercise to help become better at solving word problems. Questions start out easy and get harder as you go.
  7. Math Hoops - Word problem practice for grades 3 to 5. All word problems use whole numbers, but the problems range from single step addition to multi-step equations.
  8. Mixed Operations Word Problems - Self checking and provides explanations for the answers.
  9. Multi-Step Word Problems - Self checking and provides explanations for the answers.
  10. Parade of Legs - A single word problem to solve.
  11. Place Value Word Problems - Self checking and provides explanations for the answers.

Rounding and Estimation

  1. Rounding Off - Three levels are available in this game from BBC Education.
  2. Rounding to nearest ten
  3. Rounding to nearest hundred
  4. Rounding to nearest thousand
  5. Basket Math - Practice rounding numbers. For each correct answer a basket [basketball] is made.
  6. Comparison Estimator - Compare the two sets of objects and answer the problem being asked. Less than or Greater than exercise.
  7. Estimating Sizes of Objects - Guess which length or distance applies to the object.
  8. Estimating by Rounding - Addition with regrouping.
  9. Estimating by Rounding - Subtraction with regrouping.

Songs/Music to Learn Math

Why Regrouping (borrowing) works?



  1. Ask Hannah - Describe symmetry in two-dimensional shapes.
  2. Identify Symmetry - Look at a picture, decide if it has symmetry and then click to find out.
  3. Line Symmetry - Numerous activities, games and interactive quizzes.
  4. Make a Snowflake - Click within the grid to create a shape.
  5. Make a Symmetrical Pattern - Online device for creating symmetrical shapes.
  6. Reflective Symmetry - Click on a shape and then determine if it has reflective symmetry.
  7. Symmetry Activity - Practice making shapes that have symmetry.
  8. Symmetry Game - A shape is shown and you have to tell how many lines of symmetry it has.
  9. Symmetrizer - A game from PBS kids.  


  1. Time Clock  - set the hands to the correct time
  2. Time Clock Game  - another game where you set the hands to the correct time
  3. Time Practice
  4. Stop the Clock - half hours
  5. Stop the Clock - quarter hours
  6. Zwolle - Time, Big List of Activities
  7. Time - List of Links
  8. Bang On Time - Read the time in words then stop the clock when the hands reach the right time.
  9. Beat the Clock - Interactive time game. How fast can you beat the clock? Set the timer to find out!
  10. Bedtime Bandits
  11. ClockWise and Matching Time - Select these two activities to practice telling time.
  12. Clock Works - [use challenge level] Select hour and then minute by clicking on the clock.

Video Math Lessons

  1. MathMaster - huge archive of math videos 
  2. Learn Zillion - great common core lessons and videos by grade level
  3. Math Live - lots of great animated lessons with printable activity sheets
  4. Math TV
  5. Show Me
  6. Learn Zillion - new videos being added all the time
  7. Khan Academy - search for the topic you want to learn about
  8. WatchKnowLearn
  9. Video Lessons
  10. Math Videos
  11. neoK12 Math Videos
  12. Math for Children 
  13. Math Videos - "TenMarksInstructor"

Why do I have to show my thinking/work in math?


  1. MathMaster - huge archive of worksheets
  2. Math-Aids.com - categorized worksheets
  3. Math Worksheet Site - create custom worksheets
  4. Super Teacher Worksheets
  5. Math Worksheets World   
  6. Math Worksheets 4 Kids
  7. Study Champs - math worksheets

Zwolle - The Big Math List